I’d love to be your voice.


Have a look and listen to these Videos…


Australian VO

Australian Voice Over Artist
Sharyn Doolan


Are you looking for…

Short VO Video’s – like this??



Or this….




 Or these…..




No matter what you’d like voiced… just ask!

I’m happy to send a personalised demo to you as well…


I have a professional soundproof studio – with   ipDTL,  Source Connect and Skype,

so if you prefer to direct the sessions, it’s nice and easy… no matter where you are…


The Voice Over files are sent to you in whichever format you prefer… WAV, MP3, AIFF, and whatever bit rate you require.


I send them to you via my FTP… So all you need to do, is download from the link provided.


I like to make things as uncomplicated as possible….


So just let me know what you need, and I will be more than happy to make your voice over wishes come true.



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